Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm not Published!

Since I put up my website, I've had people, okay, a couple of people,
email and ask where they can buy my books!
How sad.
Not that they want to buy them, but that my answer has to be,
"I'm not published, yet!!"
Does having a website automatically make one assume I am a published author?
I wouldn't have thought so.
In my bio it states that "I'm pursuing publication..." but I don't want to appear like I'm
trying to be something I'm not.
So let's clear this up.
I'm an UNPUBLISHED author, folks. That means I spend 99% of my time bashing my head against my keyboard, and the other 1% fielding rejection letters.
I lie.
Lately, God has been good. I've had actual REQUESTS from real live editors and agents, who want to look at my work!
At least I think they're alive. That would be pretty sad if they weren't. Maybe I made them up...
But anyway, rejection could still come.
That's the writer's life. It's pretty much a crap shoot.
You can do your best to learn the craft, and believe me, you'd better, but in the end, it all comes down to whether or not
Editor X likes your baby. And the really sad thing is, Editor X may think your baby is the ugliest thing in the world, but Editor Y may have you signing the dotted line in a heartbeat.
One thing I have learned through this process, and this is important; you have to believe in yourself.
It's terribly easy to become discouraged, especially when people call your baby ugly, and select even uglier babies (in your opinion) over yours!
Persevere. And most of all this is the biggie, trust God.
If you write for Him only, He'll take care of the rest. Trust Him for His plan for your writing.
That's a hard lesson. We all want to be published, like yesterday, but it's not up to us.
It's up to Him.
Just don't tell that to Editor X.


Erica said...

I admire your bravery in writing.

Terry Whalin said...


Congratulations on your great new look. I love blue and it's very appropriate for Bermuda.

Your words about persistence--even in the face of rejection are true. Welcome to our world of publishing. It's hard--but you will make it--persist--and try many different things until you find the open door. It is there.

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