Friday, December 01, 2006


It's December 1st! Do you know where YOUR Christmas presents are?
I admit, I was a terrible little kid. I used to hunt through closets looking for presents.
I think Mom got wise to me though, because I never ever found anything.
All the items on my Christmas list would magically appear under the tree on Christmas Day,
proving that "Yes, Cathy, there really is a Santa Claus."
Well of course there is! I knew that.
For many of us, Christmas has been reduced to a whirlwind of activity, rushing hither and yon (no, I don't really talk like this!), checking off this list and that, burning cookies and throwing turkeys...
What happened to relaxing by the fire with a hot toddy?

Okay people, I'm taking a stand! This year, we're going to enjoy Christmas, even if it kills us!
With that in mind, I'm making a list of Ten Things I Love About Christmas.
I'd love it if you'd make one too! Either post it on the comments section, or your blog, or both!
Let's get that Christmas Spirit going, shall we?

Ten Things I Love About Christmas.

1. Jesus came to earth as a baby! Celebrate Him!
2. Putting up my Christmas tree, then turning out all the lights in the house and looking at the colored lights on the tree.
3. When I'm in Canada, I love to watch the snow fall.
4. Listening to Christmas music.
5. Writing Christmas cards. Yes, you read correctly. I do love this.
6. Seeing Hamilton all lit up with Christmas lights across the streets and in the trees.
7. Watching those corny kids Christmas shows, like Rudolph and Frosty.
8. Seeing the magic and wonder of the season through the eyes of a child.
9. Spending time with friends and family.
10. Eating Christmas dinner, (after we read about Jesus' birth from the Bible) - turkey, ham, cassava pie, brussel sprouts, candied carrots, mashed potatoes...and don't forget the Christmas pudding for dessert!!

Okay, I could go on and on here, which makes me realize just how special this time of year is.
Think about it.
Yes, I know. We've commercialized it and made it into some big loud festivity - far removed from the silence of a manger on a Holy Night in Bethlehem. But if you stop, take a seat, open your heart and listen...I think you might hear that Baby's cry.
And for me, that's the best part of Christmas.

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Courtney said...

I did it! I posted my 10 favourite things about Christmas at my blog! GO SEE! NOW! DO IT! :)