Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Getting Through the Hard Stuff.

Christmas always seems to bring some kind of trauma.
I'm not sure why this is. Bad things happen around Christmas.
Things I don't understand.
I'm not good at dealing with events I cannot get my head around.
On Christmas morning, a friend of ours died.
We knew he and his wife for years when they lived here.
Within a few months of their move back to the US, he was diagnosed with
a brain tumor and underwent numerous surgeries and treatments.
And finally God took him home.
He leaves behind a wonderful wife and four boys.
I don't get that.
It's hard. Harder still for them.
I cannot even begin to imagine.
I'm reminded of a particular verse I can't put my finger on just now, that says 'lean not on your own understanding...'
I'd better not. My own understanding right now makes me want to throw things.
I am relieved he is no longer suffering. Comforted by the fact we know he is with the Lord.
But my heart is grieved for this family. For my friend, who has lost her husband.
For her four sons, who no longer have their Dad.
Oh, God, help them. Love them. Be with them.
And remind me You're still in control.

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