Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What's it For?

As the new year is upon us, I've been reflecting on what is to come. Building a house is already overwhelming.
They say the devil is in the details. Maybe.
But I prefer to think God is.

We've had some raised eyebrows, and some comments such as "Why are you building a big house when your kids are almost off to college?" in effect, "Shouldn't you be downsizing?"
Well, no.

First of all, we recognize this land, and the means to build our dream home, is a gift from God.
We've committed it to Him and we're committed to doing His will with it.

I have no doubt our house will ever be empty. One way or another, it will be used for those who need it most.
We have plans for a small guest cottage on the property. This house will be open to anyone in ministry, pastors, speakers, Young Life leaders, and yes, Christian authors - you are in ministry!
If you can get to Bermuda, you will have a place to stay.
And of course I'm sure family and friends, whether in ministry or not, will make good use of it as well.
I'm looking forward to this stage of my life.
Writing and caring for others.
How cool is this going to be?

So, if you want to be on the list, first come first served! Let me know.
We expect to be in by next year, God willing.
I'm going to try and convince ACFW to move the conference to Bermuda after Texas!! Ha. Like that would happen.
I think it's a great idea though! Especially if they stay at the hotel just up the road from our new house...
You never know!


Erica said...

I would LOVE to come visit.
Now if I could only convince my husband...hmmm...you have good fishing around there?
He has always wanted to go Marlin fishing...if you had that, I would have the perfect bait!

Cathy West said...

We have amazing fishing, and huge Marlins! Of course he'd have to go off shore for that, and renting those big boats can be pricey, but you should check it out!
Go to www.bermuda.com
IT would be great to have you.