Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who You Know...

Is it who you know, or Who you know? (Grammarists relax, I know it should be Whom...)
For a while now, I've been hearing that a big part of making it in the world of publishing is having the right connections.
Do you think this is true?
I've heard amzing stores of how people got published, some are just fluky and leave me thinking, okay they must be really in good with God.
I'm not a schmoozer by nature. I love the internet as I can 'meet' people in the writing world that way, but when it comes to crowds, the ACFW conference for example, other gregarious go-getters leave me standing in their dust.
But surely all the smoozing in the world won't get you a contract if your writing isn't up to snuff.
I hope that's true.
I'd love to have one of those fluke experiences where suddenly I'm given an opportunity to present my work to somebody, but I'd hate to have to think, I'm not ready for this!
Which is why I suppose I'm constantly sitting at the computer, honing it, editing and re-editing until I'm blue in the face.
Writing new stories as well as working on the finished ones, just to be sure. (Is this bad?)
I guess there is such a thing as over-editing, but hey, when Oprah calls, I want to be ready.
And I want to use her massuese too.
But really, it's not up to me, is it?
I know my work is in God's hands. He gives me the stories and the words, and He'll decide what is to be done with them.
Some days I wish He'd hurry up about it.
But I'll press on.
Hurry up and wait.


Rebecca said...

Networking would not be as important as it is in todays world (and I am speaking of both the secular and the Christian , if there really is a separation between the two) if knowing the right person at the right time did not offer a big payout. In case this sounds tooooooo cynical, I assure you that as I sit here and write this, I am not rolling my eyes at the idea. Knowing the right people can open doors for you and bring surprising sucess. I think it is a good thing it works, because connecting in this way with others takes a lot of time and work, and it is good that there are rewards. Having said that, I also think that your gift opens doors for you (as the Bible says) and that God Himself will make a way when it seems like the road is blocked. So, in conclusion...all these things work together for good!!!!!! (in my opinion!)

Barbara said...

Praying that God opens all the doors for you -n fact, that he flings wide those gates......