Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New York, New York, A Beautiful Town?

A disclaimer - I am not a city gal.
However, that said, I did enjoy our few days in New York. Not sure how anybody can afford to live there, but it sure was fun to walk through Saks and think about buying that $2,000 Chanel suit. Hey, what's a few bucks to look glamorous? I actually wanted to try the clothes on, but my daughter wouldn't let me. Such a party pooper.
Not to say we didn't buy anything though, but we ended up going to a mall in New Jersey to do so!!
Anyway, we saw Mama Mia, and Wicked. I'd recommend either. Morals aside, I loved Mama Mia. If you grew up in the '70's listening to ABBA, as I did, this musical will resonate within your soul. You'll have a blast. The story line was a bit too worldly for me, but that's sadly the way of the world. I did enjoy it.
Okay, a brief rant on Wicked. As a writer, I have to say I'm a wee bit perturbed. Here you have a guy whose basically taken Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, and created his own story out of Baum's original story. Am I missing something here, or does this seem just a little like, well...stealing. Make up your own darn story next time! I wonder if old Frank's family is benifitting from the millions Wicked is raking in? I'd be interested to find out.
Rant over, great show. Loved it. Just can't get past the making good off somebody else's idea.
The only downside to our visit was the weather. It rained the first day and we froze the rest of the time! We did go to Ground Zero, and I'm really glad we did. What an experience. I don't think you really believe it until you're there looking at that massive space where the Twin Towers should be. It was only then that the enormousness of the event hit me. That people could conceive such a plan and carry it out against their fellow man is beyond my comprehension. It's changed our world forever, but I think the point that comes across in visiting Ground Zero is the chance we have to make positive changes in our own lives and the lives of those we encounter. May God grant us the years to do so.
Since I already mentioned I'm not a city girl, I have to say I didn't care for the crowds. Pushing and shoving your way across a street, praying you'll make it to the curb before the traffic speeds off again, is not my idea of a good time. And Canal Street...oh, we won't even go there. I wish I hadn't.
Anyway, I'm back. We had a great time, and now it's back to reality!
I'll take my pink beaches over the concrete jungle any day!


Rebecca said...

Hey, I just saw Wicked last night, and I thought it was brilliant how Maguire effectively changed the way all of us will look at the Wizard of Oz in the future...right or wrong, it was a brilliant piece of work!

Cathy West said...

Yes, it was excellent, no argument there! I just take issue with the premise. I guess I'd hate to have someone come and mess around with any of my books after I'm dead and gone, so I just feel bad for the original writer. But all that aside, it's definitely a show worth seeing.

Erica said...

I also would take your pink beaches over the concrete jungle!
Pink beaches sounds wonderful!