Sunday, May 13, 2007

Follow Your Dreams...

We've all heard the saying. I'd like to put it up a notch.
ACHIEVE your dreams!
Last week, I finished the book I've been writing since October. It felt wonderful to wrap it up, even though
I know I still have some work to do on it. But it is DONE. I have accomplished what I set out to do!
Amazingly enough, in various discussions where people congratulate me, they also make the comment
that very few aspiring writers never finish a manuscript.
If this is true, I don't understand it.
Maybe this where the difference between having a dream and having a calling comes in.
Is writing your dream, or is it something you know you've been called to do by God?
When I first started writing novels, ages ago now, it was definitely a dream. I longed to hold that
first book in my hand and say, "Wow, look what I did!"
Praise God, I've changed.
If by His grace, I do get that opportunity, it will be, "Wow, look what HE did!"
He has called me to this. I know that. If I didn't, I would have given it up long ago.
Sitting at the computer for hours on end, suffering with joint and back pain as a result, is not something I'd recommend.
I do it because I can't NOT do it. I love it. And yes, publication is a dream. Of course it is.
But I believe God shares that dream. If He didn't, I don't think the doors would be opening.
Recently I shared some thoughts on what if - what if I let God have total control over my writing...over all I do...
Well, 'what if', takes practice. Patience. Perseverence and trust.
But I sit here today saying, "Yes, Lord. Your way, not mine."
And the 'what if' is SO worth it.

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMS out there!
Be Blessed!


Erica said...

What a great post.
I totally agree with you.
What if we could let go and let God do what it in His strength?
What a great way to live.

Rachelle said...

So, Cathy, what did you do about your word count? And what will you do with the manuscript next?

CONGRATULATIONS for finishing it! Yeehaw!