Friday, November 16, 2007

To Send or Not to Send?

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Maybe I'm just coming down with Scroogitis. Yet every year I face the same dilemma. Should I send Christmas cards or not?
Each year I spend a lot of time choosing the cards that will go out from our family. Then I spend hours writing them, and I'll usually compose a family newsletter as an insert. Then comes all the money for the stamps...
And each year I bemoan the fact that I seem to be the only person in the world who still sends out cards.
I grumble about the lack of color in our mailbox and vow not to send any next year to the people who just can't be bothered
to send cards to us!
Bah Humbug!!
So, here I sit, November 16th, and I haven't bought any cards yet. I'm way late. Any I mail to England and Ireland now have
little chance of arriving before Christmas. I can still do all my US cards as I'll be there next week, and the Bermuda ones
can be done when I get home again. However, I must ask myself if I really want to send any this year.
Wouldn't an email be sufficient?
I fear I am becoming as lazy as the rest of my generation seems to be.
I have wonderful childhood memories of the weeks leading up to Christmas. My father would arrive home every evening
with the mail - stacks of colorful envelopes! And I would be allowed to open them all! Oh, what fun it was to see the
beautiful pictures and designs, and to hear news from friends both near and far.
It makes me so sad that this tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Yet Hallmark seems to be surviving quite nicely.
Well, I for one intend to carry on the tradition of sharing the good news of Christ's birth through the sending of Christmas cards. I may be a little late this year, but I'll be sending them!

Merry Christmas! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!

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Rachelle said...

I think I may have vaguely noticed the last few years that we've been getting fewer Christmas cards, but I never really think too hard about it. I usually just assume people are getting lazy or overwhelmed like the rest of us. Of course, the alternative is that those non-card-senders don't like us anymore but I'd rather just assume they didn't send cards to anyone!

Be that as it may, you know I'm gonna keep sending my cards!