Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too Good to Last.

I'm getting a cold. I knew I wouldn't get through winter without one, but as the months crept by, I was really hoping.
This afternoon my throat began to feel scratchy, and my nose is running. Oh, yes. I know what that means.
Either I've suddenly developed an allergy to my dog or I have a cold.
Of course it could be that my cleaning lady just quit and the thought of having to do everything around here myself again is making me ill, but that's another story.
So I'm sitting here feeling miserable and drinking Airborne. Hey, it's worth a shot. Some people swear by the stuff.
But I'm reminded once again that I'm not infallible. I know I've been working hard lately, also tried to lose some weight at the same time, probably not a good idea, and I haven't been getting enough sleep.
Put all that together with the stress of the house building and it was bound to happen.
I let myself get run down.
Sometimes we just get so busy looking after everything and everybody else that our own well-being gets lost in the shuffle.
Do you ever feel that way?
I'm going to have to figure out a way to find the balance. I love writing. I love the fact that I get to stay home, and I'll even clean my house, it's not that big a deal that I don't have help, and probably a luxury we shouldn't be paying for right now, but what I'm not so good at is figuring out when to stop. I'd seriously write until midnight if I could.
I have at least learned that when my hubby and kids are home, they deserve my attention. Of course, if they are busy with other things and don't need me hovering, I'll skip back to my computer and write another chapter.
Clearly I'm going to have to learn to take breaks and be good to myself.
Maybe it's time to call some of those friends I've been neglecting, and go out for a long lunch.
An afternoon in the sun, reading. That sounds good too.
I'm looking forward to our new bible study starting up. That's a scheduled morning when I know it's just me, my girlfriends and God. And Beth Moore. My spiritual batteries need a jump start, and she's just the gal to do that!
So maybe God chose this time for me to get a cold so I could sit back and reflect on my life and how I'm living it.
Or maybe I just got a cold cause someone gave it to me.
But reflecting on the bigger issues makes a better blog post.

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Rebecca said...

It does seem that (when we get a little older) it is a good thing to listen to our bodies and respond to what they really need.....I am always having to be reminded of this...over and over and over and over!