Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back At It...

Or I could title this A Little Pumpkin Bread Goes A Long Way...
I admit, the past few weeks, okay months, I've been a little grouchy. And I haven't felt myself
at all. Today is a good day.
I can't say what tomorrow will bring. I'm pretty sure my agent is not going to call telling me
that she's sold my book, cause really I don't have anything out there to sell as I think we've heard back from everyone now...so hey, that's not going to happen. Strangely enough, I'm okay with that.
Do you ever get to a point where you realize that certain things are just out of your hands?
I have. It's rather liberating.
Publication is completely out of my hands. Sure I will continue to write and hope it happens, but even though I know I'm doing all the right things on my end, learning, reading, writing, the end result, whether or not an editor will like what I've written enough to publish it, is out of my hands.
So what's the point in stressing over it?
Same goes for the house. I know we've done our part. Appliances are ordered, fixtures and lighting all picked out and plans gone over a bazillion times. If the contractor can't get his act together and bang the thing out in time, hey, what can I do about it?
Sure I can moan and cuss him out and pull my hair out by the roots, which by the way, really hurts, but what good would it do?
Today I have discovered that I can only do what I can do.
I can make pumpkin bread.
There's just something about that smell permeating every inch of the house.
I'm really going to miss being with my sister and her family this Thanksgiving, but I shall be thankful for them as I celebrate with my own family and dear friends here.
And I might make more pumpkin bread.
I may even start that new book I keep thinking about.
So there.

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