Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Miss It!

Here's a question for you. It's a hard one if you plan to answer it honestly. I don't need to know your answers unless you want to share them, but here's what I want to ask you.
How big is your God?
Think about it.
Is He just a convenient name you call on when you're feeling desperate? Do you only think about Him for a few minutes on Sunday morning, before your mind begins to wander and you start looking at your watch and wondering how long the sermon is going to take?
Do you keep Him in a pretty little box, limiting His power only to what you see and have been taught to believe?
Or do you bask in the presence of His glory this morning, knowing full well that only through Him will you take your next breath? Only through HIm will you make your next decision, take your next step...

I have no idea where most of you are in your lives. I know a lot of people have experienced hardships that I cannot imagine. I know I've been blessed to have a pretty good life, and although I complain, stress out and get discouraged, my trials are minimal compared to some of the things others are going through.
But God cares about all of us, no matter where we are, what we're doing or even how we feel about Him!
Do you know that? Do you believe it?
Don't miss it!

He's speaking to you in ways you can't even imagine.

Here is my example for today.
As you may know, we're building a new home. We had planned to sell our current home, but the sudden downturn in the economy has affected that decision. We're definitely not going to get the price we'd hoped for if we decide to sell right now. Stress levels have been pretty high and yes, I've been worrying.
Funny how those old habits are so hard to break. When I read His word and hear Him say "Why worry..." I tend to follow that up with a "But Lord..." Know what I mean?
Well, this morning driving home, I had the news on and there was a report about our housing market.
It wasn't good. Oops. There goes the worry generator...full speed ahead.
Back home, I'm sitting here posting my Twitter update about the bad news, feeling pretty grim.
Waiting for the repairman who's been hooking up our new stovetop to come pick up his check.
He arrives, I deliver the check and then it happened.
This older gentleman who I've never met before this week, takes my hand. "The Lord wants me to pray for you."
And he did.
And He did...through His servant who obeyed His Father.
I had no idea how much I needed that moment. Maybe a minute or two, but a moment so filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit that I can hardly write this through my tears. I am so humbled and so in awe of a Father who loves me so much that He would use a total stranger to speak to me and express that love, reminding me that He is the ONLY thing I need.
Houses will come and go, prices will rise and fall, even this world will one day pass away, but His love endures forever!
God is with us. Around us. Right in front of us.
He desperately wants to minister to us, to heal us, to love us. Whether we know we need it or not.
Don't miss it.


Richard Mabry said...

Thanks for blessing us by sharing this. Truly, He is in control.

Betsy Ann said...

So powerful! Thank you!

Anne L.B. said...

Beautiful testimony, Catherine!

It makes me wonder how many opportunities to glorify my big God that I lose to busyness, when I feel prompted to call someone or write a note and don't quite find the time. *sigh* Maybe it was just what God wanted to send them at that moment.

You inspire me to be more attentive to those nudgings.

Becky Yauger said...

Love this post, Cath. A great reminder to us all. Hugs!

christa said...

Amazing testimony to God's wanting o be our Father through it all. Thanks for the reminder.