Monday, January 12, 2009

Is It All Doom And Gloom?

How many of you are already sick and tired of hearing what a terrible year this is going to be? Raise your hand, don't be shy.
Yes, reports on the economy are bleak, businesses are closing, people are being laid off, gas is going up again, and it's said that trying to get published at this particular point in time is akin to trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat. So what's a gal to do?
More importantly, what's a Christian gal to do?
We're told not to worry about anything, right? Not the food we eat or the clothes we wear...why worry about tomorrow when today has enough trouble - paraphrasing, but you know, He's got a point.
Now I admit, we do need to be sensible. It's probably not a great time to go out and buy that red BMW you've been eyeing, and maybe you'll have to cut back on those trips to Starbucks, but is all lost?
Are you battening down the hatches for the predicted storm or are you going to weather it out, feet planted firmly on the ground while the waves crash around you?
I have to admit, some days I'm not sure what to do. I have some friends in dire straits and I know for sure tougher times are not what they need right now. But I do know that God is on their side. It's really hard to remember that sometimes when you listen to CNN or your local newscast, isn't it?
It's hard to put on a smile when you've just watched a good chunk of change disappear into thin air.
I don't think there's anywhere in the world that won't be affected by the US economy. Everyone is going to be feeling the pinch. I guess my point is this: Don't lose heart. Don't let things of the world have the upper hand and defeat the spiritual truths that God wants us to stand on.
These may be uncertain times, but there is one thing that IS certain.
God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is Everlasting.
So put your hope in Him. He will bring us all through the storm. He will provide and He will bless us if we remain in His will and follow His lead.
Weeping last through the night, but joy comes in the morning!

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Good inspiration, Cathy. They are cutting our budget at work by a million and another million in a few months. My boss is thinking about outsourcing me and another lady to other partnerships that need extra help, but don't have anyone in our positions. I praise God that He has found a way to save my job, but at the same time worry that I'll be having to travel more away from my family and it will cut into my writing time. I'm trying to remember to count my blessings and not complain. God is so wonderful and faithful!