Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Daughter is Going to Africa!

In a month's time, we'll be putting Sarah on a plane and sending her off to Atlanta, where she will join a team of young adults for a week's training with Adventures In Missions, and then they'll depart for Swaziland for a three week term of ministering to the Swazi children. I'm so amazed that she has a heart for missions and the adventurous spirit needed to step out in faith like this. I know it will be a life-changing experience for her. Probably for us too, even though we're not going with. I'm not sure what you were doing at nineteen, but I certainly wasn't thinking about jumping on a plane, roughing it (seriously roughing it - no electricity or running water!) half way around the world to share the love of Christ. I think it's a miracle that we have young people in this day and age willing to do this, ready to do it, doing it...and I'm really grateful for organizations like Adventures in Missions, who make it their life's calling to enable them to do it.
if you would like to learn more about Sarah's trip, and partner with us in prayer, we'd love to have you on the prayer team. You can leave me a comment if you want to get on board. Here is the link to the team blog that we can follow so we have a better idea of what to pray for. Sarah's info is not up yet, but it will be soon.


christa said...

Please include me in the prayer team.

jenness said...

I loved my trip to Mexico for missions. She'll have a great time. Just make sure YOU don't read My Hands Came Away Red until after she's home safe. lol. I'm excited for her. By the way...Jason and I got together on that trip...:-)