Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Life Heroes

I once heard a statement that went something like this, "We read romance because a real hero doesn't exist." Or something along those lines.
I suppose in my younger days, before I knew what love was, I might have agreed.
I'm sure there are a lot of women out there today who, for various reasons, do agree.
There is a certain sadness in that.
I wonder why the heroes in movies today make us sigh and swoon and long for that special whatever- it-is we think they possess.
Is fantasy really so much better than reality?
I've thought about the heroes I have created in my novels, really examined them and questioned where these men came from - they're all pretty different, but all of them have certain qualities that I suppose, subconsciously, I need in my hero.
So here's my list taken from the real-life heroes in my life - things that to me anyway, make the man.

A hero loves. Unconditionally. Without question. Even when it hurts.
A hero stands up for what he believes in. Even when nobody else will.
A hero picks up his child in the middle of the night and holds her tight. Even though she has just thrown-up everywhere and will probably do it again.
A hero never misses a school production or sports event. Even though it means an extra hour at the office.
A hero becomes a caregiver, putting everything else on hold because he made a vow. And because he loves her.
A hero tells the truth. Even when the person doesn't want to hear it.
A hero says "I love you," and means it.
A hero drops everything and gets to where he is needed. Even when that is in another country.
A hero laughs. Often. And he knows how to make you laugh too.
A hero listens. Even if he doesn't have a clue what you're talking about.
A hero will go to the ends of the earth and back to make things right. Even when he knows he might fail.
A hero has fears, but he is not afraid to face them.
A hero admits wrong doing and works to make amends.
A hero forgives.
A hero lines up four white taxi cabs on his daughter's wedding day because it's pouring with rain and she can't go to the church in a horse drawn carriage.
A hero tells you everything will be okay. And you believe him.
A hero is never selfish. Even when you are.
A hero prays and knows that without Christ, he is nothing.
A hero is a father, husband, brother, uncle and friend, someone you can count on. No matter what.
A hero is always there. Not because he has to be, but because he wants to be.
A hero will be with you to the end.

I love my heroes and am so blessed to have them in my life.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hero.
And if you don't have one yet, trust me, he's out there.


jenness said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Lovely post. :-)

Jenny B. Jones said...

that was perfect and so beautifully written. : )

Catherine West said...

Thanks! Appreciate you both stopping by!