Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Downside to Living on an Island...

What downside? I know you're asking. However, for me, there's a huge downside.
My kids have to go away to school. Yeah, yeah, big deal.
Well, it is when they have to fly back and forth, they can't just throw a bag in the car and drive home for the weekend.
When I said goodbye to my daughter
Sarah, four years ago, I was a hot mess. It was literally like somebody ripped my heart out of my chest. I couldn't breathe, sleep, all I wanted to do was cry. And I did. Extreme? Probably. I don't cry much and I tend to bottle up my emotions.
When I explode, watch out.
But you know, I adjusted. And I know I'll adjust again when we deposit our son at whichever institution of higher learning accepts him in the fall. It's funny how we can dread the goodbyes, yet know how quickly the time goes.
Sarah and I skype pretty much everyday. I think having her away has brought us even closer. It's been wonderful to watch her mature and grow as a young woman these past few years. She's had to navigate some choppy waters but has done so with grace, through prayer, all the while trusting that God would not let her down. I'm so excited to see where He's going to take her. As you know, her passion is photography. I'm really looking forward to seeing where she ends up with that.
So really, today I just wanted to share my daughter with you, because I think she's amazing, and I miss her.
She's writing exams right now so if you want to drop her a note of encouragement on her blog, I know she'd appreciate it. Check out her new blog at

And the fact that today is Superbowl Sunday and I have about 30 men descending on my house as I type this, has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Okay, it does.
I NEED MY DAUGHTER!!! BA. Going to hide in my study now. :0))


Heather said...

That would be a huge down side to living on an island. You poor thing! *hugs* Best of luck to your daughter on her exams. Hang in there, it will be summer before you know it and she'll be home.

Mary E Hanks said...

This is a great post! I can soooo empathize with the restraints of living on an island. We lived in SE Alaska--on the islands--for 25 years! One of the reasons we left was so we could drive anywhere we wanted to when we wanted to without having to fly or ferry out. Blessings on your journey...

Walt Mussell said...

That's a downside I couldn't deal with I must admit.

Katie Ganshert said...

I love that picture of her!!

Carol said...

I'm working backwards in your posts and the 'living on an island' phrase here caught my attention. We lived on Vancouver Island (west coast of Canada) for 17 years and loved it. Of course, it's a pretty good sized island, but we also use to holiday on the smaller gulf islands, too. I loved island living except for the time and expense to get to the mainland when such trips were required.

When our three children left, one by one, for university and later with spouses to live in other cities, I missed them terribly. Thankfully technology helps minimize the distance, and placing them into God's care eases the concerns. But, like you, I still miss them.

Your Sarah sounds lovely. I'll go check out her blog.