Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Hi all!
I'm traveling this week so my blog posts may not be regular.
In the meantime, I have been featured at two great blogs. If you would like to tweet and spread the word, that would be great! One week today is launch day!!
You can find me over at K Dawn Byrd's Blog, and Angie's Blog, God Uses Broken Vessels. On K. Dawn's blog, I am the fifth author featured, (along with some wonderful writers!) so just scroll down, you'll find me.

I have to admit, one thing that is making me smile as I read comments by people who are getting excited about Yesterday's Tomorrow, is the fact that I was told this would never happen. Not just once. Over and over again, by people in the publishing world who know their stuff.
Which says two things to me.

1. Nobody really knows for sure what will take off and what will bomb.
2. Nothing is impossible with God.

Follow your dreams, folks. Even if you are the only one who believes in them. Sooner or later, you won't be.

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Lindi said...

I'm one of those getting excited about Yesterday's Tomorrow. What an awesome story.
And I can relate with you on the fact that I had several people tell me how hard it was to sell a first person novel--especially being unpubbed. I wasted a lot of time trying to write and rewrite in a voice that wasn't mine.
Don't you love it when God says--'I'm so much bigger than any circumstance or situation.'
Safe travels.