Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Talk Books!!

Most writers I know are also voracious readers. It goes hand in hand. The trouble is, finding the time to do both! This year I'm getting much better at keeping up with my reading. I am slowly getting to the end of my to-be-read pile. Truthfully, I'm really picky. If a book hasn't grabbed my attention by the third chapter, chances are I'm going to move on. It's really frustrating to spend money on a book and not enjoy it. And I have a hard time wondering whether to write a review. Since I joined Goodreads, (a wonderful community all about books if you don't already know about it), I'm trying to be better about reading and sharing my thoughts on books.

Being involved in the writing community, I know a lot of the authors whose books I'm reading, have met a lot of them at conferences and will be seeing them again. So what if I read a book by someone I know, and don't like it? Do I write a review or not? I know from firsthand experience how sensitive we writers can be. It's a tough call.
So that's my first question to you this morning - have you been in that situation? What kind of reviews do you give? I notice some people who review very rarely give five stars. What's your criteria for a book to get a rave review?

Second question - what are you reading now? And what books would you recommend? Summer is coming and that's when I do most of my reading, although the way it's going this year I'll probably be combining that with a fair chunk of writing...but I need some GOOD books! I read both CBA and ABA so feel free to give me any and all recommendations. However, truth be told, I don't read much in the way of historicals. It has to be really good! Same with sci fi.

So fire away!!


Wendy Paine Miller said...

I want to read your book!

I give five stars when a book stirs me, stays with me, when I want to keep learning about the story and characters once I've finished the book.

I recently read Little Bee and found it phenomenal.

I'm reading something out of my ususal selections...Ted Dekker's Three. Holding my attention.

I seriously will read anything.
~ Wendy

Catherine West said...

Can't wait for you to read my book! Let me know when you are and don't forget to send me a pic - unless of course you're reading on Kindle, which I guess you could also take a picture of!! I want to read Little Bee too.

Rosslyn Elliott said...

I would give five stars to a book that moved me powerfully or changed my perspective, like _A Thousand Splendid Suns_.

Loree Huebner said...

Well, last week I ordered this book by a lovely lady in Bermuda. I just got it this morning. It's her first novel and looks to be very promising. I'm anxious to get started. ;-D

I agree with Wendy - five stars if it stirs me and sticks with me.

Katie Ganshert said...

I'm reading this great book right now - about this reporter in Vietnam and this really sexy, broody photographer guy. You might have heard of it.... :)

Seriously enjoying your book, Cathy!

Next on my list is Larkspur Cove and after that I'd like to read Surrender Bay (it's an older one) by Denise Hunter.

As far as reviews, I only write 4 or 5 star reviews. If I can't give it a 4 or a 5 stars, then I usually don't write a review at all. If you can't say anything nice.....well, you know.