Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off To St.Louis!!

My most highly anticipated trip of the year is upon me.
I'm getting ready to leave for St.Louis today, to attend the American Christian Fiction Writersconference. As I said before, this is one I never like to miss.
Although I did just read there will be over 700 participants this year. Seeing as I'm really not comfortable in a room of ten, not too sure how that'll work for me.
Oh, but I'll be with friends!! Right. Forgot abut that part.
So please, if you see me squished up against a wall someplace, looking like I'm about to lose my last meal, come rescue me and talk me down from that ledge of insecurity, okay?
And I may need an escort to my appointments to make sure I don't chicken out.
But I hear it's bad form to stand up an editor, so I probably won't do that.
I'm all packed. Sort of. Just a few last minute things to square away and then I'm good to go.
I hope some kind souls will take care of my hubby while I'm gone, invite him out for dinner.
It'll just be him and the dog. That's a first I think.
So off I go, ready for four days of adrenaline pumping excitement, a little anxious anticipation and a whole lot of fun in between. If you'd like to pray for us at the conference, that would be great.
This is after all, God's thing. He's already got it all under control. Each appointment. Each unexpected encounter. Every single thing we've planned has already been taken care of. It may not go exactly according to our plans, but rest assured, everything that happens over the next few days, as we gather together in the name of Jesus, will happen exactly according to His.
And in a room filled with 700 or so writers, editors and agents, there is certain comfort in that.

Please look for me if you will be there! If you're not going this year, I hope we'll meet another time!

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Katie Ganshert said...

Excited to see you again, Cathy!