Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Honor of Veterans Day

Just incase you've forgotten, Veteran's Day is November 11th. Here in Bermuda, the UK and other Commonwealth countries, we call it Remembrance Day. The premise is the same. It is a day where we stop, give thanks, remember and pay homage to our military, both those fallen and those still with us. If you've read Yesterday's Tomorrow, you understand why I feel so strongly about making this day count.
So. In conjunction with my Blog Blast Tour (which there is still time to get in on, by the way), for Yesterday's Tomorrow, I would like to run a week long feature here on the blog, telling YOUR stories. Are you a military wife? Did you grow up in a military family? Have you served or are you currently serving in the military? Tell us why the military matters to you. Let's share our stories so we can honor you and let you know how proud we are!
I'll have some fun prizes that week and I hope we can get a lot of participation, so please send me your stories - 500-800 words max, to catherine@catherinejwest.com and I will be in touch!

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Gwendolyn Gage said...

Hi Catherine! My grandfather served in the Vietnam War, but he never talks about it. I'm grateful for the freedom we have in the United States as a result of the brave military men and women who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and it infuriates me to see socialism robbing us of that precious gift.

I've nominated you for the "Tell Me About Yourself" Blog Award over at http://gwendolyngage.blogspot.com/. Congratulations!