Monday, December 11, 2006


Or should I title this, "The Wave that Wasn't." ?
All right, here's the scivvy.
I haven't been washed away by a tsunami.
However, there was a reported tidal wave heading for Bermuda
on Saturday.
I knew nothing about it. I would have been long gone and none the wiser.
Apparently somebody got a call about it, the police were informed, and next thing you
know Dockyard and Somerset are being evacuated!
People rushing down the streets screaming, gathering up valuables, pets and small children.
Cars speeding along the bridge...
Did anybody bother to verify this freak wave with somebody who might actually know
whether it was true or not? The National Hurricane Center? CNN? Dan Rather?
Bermudians just like to instill mass panic at the drop of a hat.
Another accolade to add to our growing list of Bermuda's most embarrassing moments...

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Courtney said...

hahaha! I love that little island of crazies! Thank goodness you have a Canadian husband and kids to keep you grounded and level-headed so that you don't go nuts too! :) Just kidding! Miss ya!