Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Light

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, a thick blanket covering your shoulders, your favorite slippers on your feet, cradling a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hands. Beyond the wide window you see a beautiful expanse of crystal clear water framed by mountains. Behind the rocky white-tipped peaks lies the sun.
You wait for it expectantly, knowing that soon it will slowly rise above the clouds and shed first light on the land and water below.
You know it's coming, because each morning the sun rises. It's a given.
Is Jesus your first light?
Do you know without a doubt that no matter what, you're going to see Him today?
I love the comfort of knowing that whatever circumstance I find myself in, whether I'm overjoyed or struggling with hard situations, He is there. He will come and shine His light on me. I just have to ask.
Sometimes I'm ashamed to say I forget to do that.
I moan and groan and wonder where the light is, and of course complain that I can't see anything. And then I'm reminded that I've forgotten to invite Him in. When I do, a warm glow floods through me, and things seem a lot easier to deal with.
I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I've spent many years waiting for first light. Not literally.
If you know me, you're laughing. Yes, it's true, I am not a morning person. Sunrise is not my friend. However, think of it as an analogy.
First light is something you wait for expectantly, knowing it's coming.
The sun always rises, but some days it's hidden behind clouds. Some days it rains and you don't see the sun at all. But you wait for it just the same.
Your first light may be different than mine. We all have our dreams, hopes and desires. Sometimes those dreams take a long time to become reality. Sometimes they don't ever make it beyond your imaginatio. Isn't it wonderful when they do?
In latter years I've made a point of giving those heart desires to God. If it's His will, they will happen. If it's not, they don't.
I trust Him, therefore I have no doubt that the circumstances in my life come from Him.
This week He's given me a huge blessing. I will share more on this later,
but for now, I'm basking in the joy of knowing He is giving me one of my dreams.
He is faithful.
I pray you have a moment to praise and thank Him as you bask in the glow of your first light.

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