Tuesday, November 06, 2007

One of Those Days...

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I love Maxine. She's a real you know what and makes no apology for it. Sad to say, some days I'm a little
more like her than I care to admit.
You know, the days you just shouldn't get out of bed.
Today was one of those days.
I'd forgotten to stop by the church to pick up the dvd for this morning's bible study that meets at my house.
I had to make it to church and back here in rush hour traffic.
We live on a narrow lane. If you encounter another car, you have to back up unitl you get to a driveway to pull into
to let the car pass. This morning, as I was rushing along, here comes this great big truck.
Parallel parking and reversing are two things I never do if they can be avoided.
After I backed up to let the guy pass, he didn't give so much as a wave in my direction to say thank you.
This escalated my temper. I got back on the road and pushed the gas, and lo and behold, along comes another car!
ACK! My poor son witnessed a not so nice display of his mother's temper. Well, maybe it's about time
he learned I'm not perfect.
Anyway, I backed up to let this woman pass and she was waving at me like I was in the driveway she wanted to get in to.
The nerve! Well, she moved and I sped away muttering under my breath. Or perhaps I only wish it was under my breath...
As we got on to the road again, my son said, "Mom, she wanted to talk to you! You should have put your window down."
Sure she did, to yell at me to get out of her way.
Except she didn't look like she was yelling...come to think of it, maybe she was lost and wanted to ask for directions...
I've been feeling terrible about this all morning. It's just one of those things that can't be undone.
God forgive my temper and frustration and yes, I'm pond scum...
Do you ever have those moments when far too late you realize you're a total idiot and there's no way to undo the damage you've done? Short of putting a public apology to the woman in the newspaper, I can't go back and be a nice person.
But I can learn my lesson and think before I act. Maybe God's trying to tell me to get in the habit of praying
before I rush out the door and swear a blue streak at anyone who dares get in my way.
A lesson in humility. And patience.
I know God forgives me. I just hope that poor lady will.

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Lynda Schab said...

You say you don't like chick lit but this is straight out of a chick lit book. You know, real life situations, real life reactions. Not always Christian but hey. If your heart is tender enough to feel bad about it, and you've asked God's forgiveness, then cut yourself some slack. And look for an upcoming scene in my wip where Madi swears a blue streak at anyone daring to get in her way. (Just kidding!)