Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Mystery...

No, the mystery isn't where I have been...although if you're interested, I'll tell you.
I just returned from a week in Canada. We spent time with my daughter and took
her out for real food, although in my opinion university cafeteria fare has improved greatly since
I was there a hundred years ago. It was great to see her settled and happy, and grumbling about
coursework and the like. When we dropped her off at her dorm last night I determined to
do better this time around, as our farewell in September was rather traumatic - for me.
I did do better. I didn't actually cry until I left the building.
But, as my son sternly told my husband, "Moms cry. It's their job."
So I did my job. I'll get over this saying goodbye thing eventually...or not.

The Mystery.
Here goes. I don't mean to rant, but I am extremely puzzled to the point of frustration.
Have you ever been in a place where everything just seems to work and the presence of God
is so near you just want to weep?
We were in such a place last Sunday morning. The church my daughter is attending.
It was a beautiful service. Awesome worship, biblcally sound and - wait for it - enthusiastic teaching...and people responded to the call of God on their lives.
Why can you sit through worship services as stagnant as pond water when others are filled with the fire of God?
I'll back up to that word - response.
The people around us in the sanctuary last Sunday morning were hungry for God.
Desperate even.
And He does not keep Himself at arms length when we cry out to him - He comes near. He embraces us and tell us
how much He loves us.
How can people NOT want that?
One of the most challenging things for me when I assist with worship is to look out at the congregation.
It's a sad statement. I know I can't judge people by what they look like on the outside, but when there is no
outward response or even the slightest hint of emotion, it's hard to know what's going on on the inside.
I know that's not my job, but I'm burdened by it.
I long to see people respond to God. I want them to know the joy that comes through worshipping HIm in abandon.
I want them to feel His pleasure. I felt it last Sunday, and I'm hungry for more.
I pray for our church at this time, as we turn in new directions. I pray that peoples eyes will be opened to the awesome majesty of God, that they will see Who He is and KNOW that He is all they need.
And I pray they will hunger and thirst for more.
Oh how I pray that a visitor to our church would walk away like I did last week, humbled by the passion of the people for God, awed and excited by His response to them, and eager to share my excitement for Him with anyone who will listen.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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