Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The New Year Begins!

I really couldn't be happier.
I'm going to try to blog more frequently, both here and over at Writers' Rest. That's been hard to get going. All the contributors have busy schedules and many commitments, but we're going to try.
We've been doing a lot of things with the new house, which is exciting. We have a new contractor and we're expecting
to begin building again on Feb.1st. I cannot believe it's taken this long, but everything happens for a reason.
Sarah went back to Canada on Sunday, and yes, I cried. I think this business of children leaving home should be outlawed.
Then again, I take that back. I know it's part of life. She is growing up and in a few years may even be married and have
a career and a life of her own, possibly not even in Bermuda. I need to get used to the separation, but it's very hard.
However, 2008 is the year I will attempt to become a grown-up.
Writing wise, things are getting busier. I'm re-writing a manuscript and I'm expecting feedback on another next week,
which I will need to begin work on. I don't find I'm terribly successful when it comes to multi-tasking in the area of writing, but we shall see. I'd like to try to finish both manuscripts within a few months. I'm trying to set goals, but I can't realistically do that until I get this other story back. Then I'll know just what needs to be done and how long I think it might take me.
Of course life cannot get put on hold for writing or vice versa, so somewhere in all this LIFE, I need to strike a balance.
And I also MUST make time to exercise. I started the Slim Fast diet today, but I know my body won't look much better unless I exercise it along with eating healthy.
So that's my game plan for the coming year. Be the best wife, mom, writer and servant for God that I can be.
A tall order perhaps, but with God ALL things are possible!

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Robin Johns Grant said...

Sounds like you have a busy year ahead--and some noble goals. My New Year started off with such a bang (basement floods, torn up washing machines, stuff like that). In all the tizzy, I managed to break most of my resolutions on January 1. I tried to pick myself up and start over, though, and I think it's going better now.