Saturday, January 19, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough...

I have been watching our family dog Allie go through seizures since Wednesday. She is almost thirteen. We all knew
she was getting old, but this just came on so suddenly. I'm a wreck. We're waiting on test results to see what the cause might be.
We have her on medication to see whether we can get these under control. If not, then we will know it is probably a tumor
or something that's causing the seizures. I just have a feeling that this is the end.
And no, I'm not dealing very well.
It's very hard to lose an animal. She's been so sweet and so wonderful. I do not want her to suffer.
I just pray that we will know very soon what we should do.
So if this page remains empty for a while, you'll know why.
I'm trying to cope as best I can and I'm mindful that for some people, this is what they deal with on a daily
basis with their children. Allie really has had a good life and we need to make a decision based on her comfort level
and well-being, not on our emotions.
Keep us in prayer.

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Michelle Gregory said...

I certainly understand how you're feeling. We had to deal with this a couple of years ago - unknown illness in a dog. We also faced an unknown illness in one of our children. Thankfully, the child is better.

Whatever you decide, I know God will put his arms around you and give you comfort.