Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Days Just Aren't Fun

I'm happy to report our dog is much better! She's on a special diet now, and a truckload of pills, but it seems to be working.
I know she won't be around forever, but it's good to know her demise isn't imminent.
And now, spoiler warning, the rest of this post is a rant. You have been warned.

I've been working away on my book this week. And I'm frustrated. Already.
I know. It was bound to happen, but I didn't think I'd hit a roadblock this soon.
To make matters worse, at the moment I'm feeling like a complete idiot because something I wrote
to an email loop was misconstrued. Now I've got a bunch of people thinking I've written a book the size
of The Bible, when EVERYBODY (except me apparently), knows that a full-length novel is supposed to be 100,000 words!
Note to self: Don't ever send anything out to a general public loop before nine a.m.
I was only trying to be funny, but I guess it didn't quite hit the mark the way I intended.
I've been given the dunce cap. At least that's how it feels. If I get one more email gently instructing me to publishers guidelines I am going to scream.
But it just goes to show, again, how very, very careful you have to be when communicating on the Internet.
So I'm not having a fun day.
I hope I can get past these changes I have to make.
Maybe I just need to take a break and think about it some more. ]
Maybe I need chocolate. Red wine and roses would be nice too.
Valentine's Day is coming.
Ha. I made another joke.
Ok. I'm going to go find some way to turn my frown upside down.
Have a great weekend!


Michelle Gregory said...

Maybe you just need to be kind to yourself and remember that we're all flakes. God loves us and that's all that matters.


Robin Johns Grant said...

I'm a little late commenting (and catching up on my blog reading), but if it's any consolation, I understood your joke on the loop! I'm always a little afraid to post there because it's just amazing how simple little comments seem to take on a life of their own. Starting my own blog was really scary, but I think it's helping me get used to the idea of putting words out there that might (and probably will) be misinterpreted. I guess we have to develop thick skins about that if we are trying to become professional writers, but boy it's hard!