Monday, January 28, 2008

In it for...who?

Slow down.
Don't we all need a gentle reminder every now and then?
We work so hard at all these things we believe we're supposed to be doing. We stress and we strive to do our best until we're no longer sure what our best is. Sooner or later, we find out we're running on empty. And, then, well...we're just empty.
I wouldn't classify myself as a type A personality, but I do like to get a job done.
When I put my hand to something, I like to look at the finished product and know I've done my best.
Sometimes that's not easy.
Let's take my book for instance. I laugh now at those early years when I believed I could become a successful writer. I wrote a book, done, fini, come on, where's the contract? I had no concept of how to do what I wanted to do, I just thought I'd done my best, so of course I deserved some reward.
Sometimes your best, if it's not God's best, is just not good enough.
I'm very mindful of this as I sit here this morning. I've been plowing through my book, ideas just whirling in my head. I'm so anxious to get it done that I'm in danger of spinning out of control. I need to put on the brakes.
I need to pray. I need to know where God is taking me with this.
Yes, it's easy to focus on the good things that might happen once the book is finished. But those things are not guaranteed.
If I don't slow down, take a breath and actually enjoy what I'm's not going to be my best.
If I don't stop and pray, and listen for God to speak, it's not going to be His best.
And I'll end up sick and heartbroken, and wondering why I ever got myself into this writing thing in the first place!
So, whatever you're working on this week, take a moment to stop and take stock of your spiritual tank. Are you full? Or do you need a few days to refuel, like I do?
We were saddened this past week here in Bermuda to hear of the death of a young man who attended my son's school, a year above Chris. A very tragic event, but we know God had a purpose and a plan, even though we don't understand it.
But it really made me stop and think about my life and how I'm living it.
I'm in this for God and God alone.
He deserves my best. Nothing less.
I'm not quite there yet, but I'm working on it.
And I know that when I submit to Him, really and truly, and don't write one word without taking it before Him first,
things will go much easier. My frustration level with decrease, and my confidence will increase. That's where I need to be.
In the passenger seat. This is God's ride. I just need to enjoy it.
Who are you in it for?

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