Wednesday, February 27, 2008


HOUSE - No, not the show. Our NEW house! We're back on schedule, praise God!! Only two years in the making but
building has started again, finally. We spent a year with our new architect, well almost a year I guess, yeah a year, and had to resubmit all the new plans. But at least we now have a house that probably won't fall down.
Our new contractor is awesome, and we're really looking forward to working with him and watching the house go up! I'll start taking pics soon, there's not much to see right now unless you like diggers or whatever they're called.
We were up on site yesterday, the sun was shining and the water sparkling blue, just gorgeous. I can't wait to wake
up to see the ocean everyday! They say it's going to be about a year until completion. Of course we can always pray it gets
done sooner! We also saw Longtails flying around - beautiful white seabirds that live in the cliffs. First sightings signify the coming of Spring. February is rather early for them, we usually don't see them until the end of March beginning of April. Another sign of the changing world climate.
Anyway, that's about all from my desk today. I have laundry to do now, and hopefully I'll get some writing done as well.
Bye for now.