Monday, March 31, 2008

Making Changes...

Just back from a week in Baltimore.
It was a fun time and we drove in to DC for a day and walked around, took in some sights.
I love Washington. So much history there. Of course the cherry blossoms were coming out, so it was very pretty as well.
Moving on...
The real reason we went to Baltimore was so that my husband could be tortured and given an Executive Physical.
Being a doctor of course he hasn't seen one himself in...well...a while.
So the good news is that he's healthy, bad news is that there is some weight that needs to come off.
I need to start changing our diets and how I prepare meals, and I need to stop calling him at 5:30 about three nights a week
saying, "I really feel like going out for dinner..."
I'm a little freaked. First of all, I'm not that great a cook. I don't really enjoy the process or the clean up.
I am lazy, I admit it. But who doesn't like to go out for dinner?? And if you're in the middle of a rewrite, or a chapter that's going
really well, the day just kind of slips buy and before you know it, it's supper time and there is none.
How can I get organized and inspired to make those low fat meals we're going to need to eat??
Diets don't tend to work for us so it's more a matter of thinking ahead and preparing what we'll be eating a few days at a time.
I'm so NOT good at this.
But you know, they say change is good. Maybe if I can accomplish a little organization in the kitchen, it'll overflow to the rest
of my life. It's doubtful, but you never know.
I'd love any advice and suggestions. We also have to incorporate daily exercise into our routine. Can we walk at 2am??
Oh this is going to be fun...

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Delia said...

I so need to get organized with our meals, too! I'm not such a great cook and it's not one of my favorite things to do. But, I need to make changes. So... if you get any good advice and suggestions, would you pass them on? Please? I'll beg :( lol.