Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud Member of the BHCC!!

We're official!!

Big Honkin' Chickens Club

If you're too chicken to read any of Brandilyn Collins' books, this is the place for you!
I admit, I have never read a single page of any of her books. However, this is okay.
She does not hate me for it. Look how nice she is, she's even created a club for those of us who won't read her stuff!
I have no problem passing along her books to anyone else who isn't a member of the BHCC.
Who knows, one day I might muster the courage to read one myself.
But it's unlikely.
She tells us she has women's fiction books available - they're even on the BHCC site.
I'm going to have to read them first, 'cause I'm not sure I believe her.
I think they're really her hardcore stuff disguised as women's fiction just to suck us in...
I'll let you know.

So here's my endorsement - Brandilyn, I think you're a wonderful person, but I wouldn't want to live inside your head.
PS - when's the last time you heard a chicken honk?

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~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Waytago, you BHCC member! And yes, I did used to write women's fiction. The Bradleyville series was quite popular and won numerous awards. I heartily recommend these stories to BHCC folks. They're probably harder to find on store shelves 'cause they're older, but they can be ordered anywhere.

Cathy, don't forget to write my assistant so you can get your BHCC stuff.

Lotsa love.