Monday, July 14, 2008

Doing a Little Bragging...

One thing I always panic about this time of year is getting my one sheet done in time for the conference.
Usually it's not a problem. This year, however, I finished the manuscript I've been working on earlier than expected,
and my agent wanted to take a one sheet with her to ICRS. Ha. I didn't have one ready.
I obsess over these things. I know, the writing has got to live up to the one sheet, but in my opinion,
a one sheet should look good!
MIne always do. Why? Because I use the amazing talents of my friend Yvonne Parks, and thanks to her, they are always spectacular.
This year, Yvonne did me a huge favor and whipped one up for me in record time!
I'm so pleased with it I just have to show it off!
And if you want more info on Yvonne, go to her website
Let me know what you think of this!


christa said...

Awesome one-sheet. Yvonne's amazing!

Katy McKenna said...

Love this, Cath! I hope Rachelle got all kinds of great responses to it....

Katy McKenna

windycindy said...

Great job! Way to go. I love it.

Richard Mabry said...

Now I know two of the six fiction works that Rachelle took to the ICRS. Now we wait.
Enjoy your vacation.