Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here I am, coming to you live from the damp woods of Muskoka. Yes, we've been here a week and we've had about three
days of sun. Very unusual and a contrast from the last four summers we've spent here, however, rain is rain and there is
nothing you can do to change it's mind when it decides to unpack and stay for the duration. I'm hoping it opts for a short
vacation so we can enjoy the rest of ours!
Writing updates - good news bad news kind of thing I guess. Good news is that we're going to be sending Hidden in the Heart
out to several publishers shortly. Bad news is that Yesterday's Tomorrow may not see tomorrow. Not too many people
seem to think the Vietnam era is saleable. Go figure. I had my temper tantrum and then handed it over to God. So we'll see.
In the meantime it's on to my next project. Note to self: don't try to read a million books whilst trying to come up with
your next idea - it's very self debasing. Everything I read seems so so so much better than anything I have ever written...not a good place for my head to be right now. Hope I'll get over it soon.

Okay, on the homefront - we have a new addition! His name is Noah, and he's due at the end of September!
He's very cute, black and white, four legs and a tail.
Yes, we're getting another border collie! Hopefully Allie will be okay with this, but I think she will.
Here are some pics of all the pups. Ours is the third down on the left side of the page, assuming these pictures load!
That's all for now.


christa said...

Noah is adorable. Love the name!

Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh, Noah is so cute! Enjoy him!

Katy McKenna said...

I am glad about requests to see Hidden in the Heart!!! And yes, Noah is the kind of darling that tempts me to get another dog....(Katy, don't look at that face!!!)

Katy McKenna

Catherine West said...

Yeah, I know... puppies are like babies aren't they??
But at this stage in my life I have to say I would much prefer a puppy over a baby any day!!! At least when it grows up it won't talk back and jack up the credit card bills!! LOL.
I'll post more pics as they come in. The breeder is pretty good at keeping up with recent photos and videos! the nice thing about Noah is that he will already be crate trained by the time he comes to us!
BONUS!! :0))

christa said...

Newton, a new kitten, just joined our household two weeks ago.'s like having a two-year-old in the house again...

Donna J. Shepherd said...

How precious!