Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ouch, Charlie!

If you have children old enough to use the Internet, you've probably been subjected to or even enjoyed the You Tube clip with the two little Brit boys, the older brother lamenting that his younger brother, Charlie, has bitten his finger.
Sticking your finger in a baby's mouth isn't advisable at the best of times folks, but apparently Charlie has some choppers. He also has a pretty sadistic little laugh for a baby of his age.
The thing I find so amazing about this four minute or less clip, is that it's almost got a cult following. Everywhere you go, someone is saying, "Ouch, Charlie, that really hurt..." in a pathetic attempt at a British accent. Go ask a few teens if they
know who Charlie is. I bet they do.
And now, what of poor Charlie and his unnamed older brother? They're pretty much labeled for life as far as I can tell, because their parents or some idiot adult thought it would be fun to post a video of these poor kids on the Internet.
Imagine in a few years when Charlie tries to get accepted into a posh nursery school. Well, they already know he bites, even seems to take pleasure in it... And his brother...well, who wants to hang out with a kid who's stupid enough to stick his finger in places fingers shouldn't go and then has the nerve to whine and cry about it?
Poor kids.
I think the lesson here, if you really must find one, is don't ever let your parents post a video of you for all the world to see.
But if you have no say in the matter that's another story.
Okay, I'll narrow it down for you.
If you're old enough to take responsibility for your actions, think about the consequences of what you're about to say or do before you act.
Afterward it may be too late. You might for instance, say something about somebody that wasn't true...a harmless comment of course, but it doesn't really matter because that person won't ever know you said it. Oh yeah? Chances are, those kind of things come back to bite you. Like Charlie.
And, like his brother, if we'd only thought before we acted, we wouldn't have anything to cry about. We can save ourselves the pain, can't we?
"Charlie bit my finger..."
Yep, he did. And it was your own darn fault.


Kim Kasch said...

What a story you tell. The search for your sister. It must have been a very emotional journey.

Jessica said...

My pastor showed that clip, twice, to my church.
It was hilarious!
So you live in Bermuda? Hubby wants to live on an island.