Saturday, October 04, 2008

Be Still.

Ever wake up one day and feel like your brain is about to explode?
That's how I feel today. I'm exhausted. I'm trying to think of too many things at once,
I'm feeling stressed and emotionally frazzled.
And I'm ignoring God telling me to STOP. Great.
Well, at least I'm honest about it.
Will the world come to an end if I don't accomplish all the things on my to-do list?
Will the church I belong to grind to a halt and crumble before my eyes if I don't step in and do things other
people could and should be doing?
Will my house fall down if I don't clean the windows or wash the floor?
The answer to all the above is no.
Yet the guilt will probably kill me.
Fortunately I DO have someone to help me with the cleaning, so that's not really something I should stress over, except
she hasn't been in two weeks because we've been away and I feel like the place is a pig sty. It's usually not too hard for
me to resist cleaning, so that's why I think satan's messing with my mind.
Is it wrong to just take a break? To just be still?
When so many things are clamoring for my attention, I start to feel like it is. I feel like I'm juggling a stack of somebody's best china plates, and if I let them fall, they're going crash around me and cause a mess that I'm not going to want to clean up.
Yet if I don't take that time out, time to just sit and talk to God, and oh, here's a concept - LISTEN to Him - then what good will I be to anyone?
So, before I get bogged down again, before tomorrow when our puppy comes and life gets just a little more hectic, I'm going to try to carve out some time to be still. Unfortunately I don't have the beauty of the lake to sit in front of, but it's a hop to the beach. Or I could go and sit on the porch of our new house.
Regardless of where I go, I'm going to ask God to empty my mind and soul of all the junk that doesn't need to be there, and just focus on Him.
Will you pray for me? I need some peace today.
Bless you.

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christa said...

My prayers are with you. My blog on Sunday echoes yours. . .must be post-Conference-stress-syndrome disorder.