Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our New Addition!

After months of waiting, Sunday evening finally rolled around, and we went to the airport to pick up our puppy!
Meet Noah (Bryning Gryfalcon).
He had a very long flight from the UK, but arrived none the worse for wear. It took a little coaxing to get him out
of the traveling kennel, but I was soon able to pick him up and hold him. His little heart was pounding! Then we put him
on the great big leash, that I'm sure he'll be grown into in no time, and he found some grass and I'm sure had a much
needed potty break as we waited for all the paperwork to be processed.
He was a bit nervous on the way home, but then we arrived at last. And then the fun began.
I wasn't sure what to expect with Allie. Noah is used to being around other dogs, but Allie isn't. So we're easing her in gradually.
Sunday and yesterday she seemed definitely put out, but Noah wanted to play with her. He's had to learn his boundaries and I'm happy to say that today they made good progress. I took Noah outside for a run and Allie actually joined us, so I took turns throwing a ball to both of them and Allie didn't fuss too much when Noah was racing around her like a mad thing! I think the dogs he's used to be around move a lot faster than she does. When she'd had enough she let him know, and he backed off.
It is wonderful having the crate for him, as he can go into his 'room' when he needs a rest, it gives Allie her space, and it also gives me a break! I'd forgotten how much work puppies are! I can't believe that Chris was only just around three when we got
Allie. I have NO idea how I did it!!
I'm looking forward to starting obedience with Noah and later on, agility. He's a smart boy and is very responsive, and he already knows 'sit'. At the moment he's a bit ADD but I'm sure once he's settled I will have his undivided attention!
Life just got a whole lot busier in the West household! Of course we had to bring Sarah home for Canadian Thanksgiving so that she can meet Noah. She said she was homesick and really missed us and wanted to come home, but we all know she just wants to see him!!
Okay, I better get some things done now while he's resting!


Rosslyn Elliott said...

Bryning Gryfalcon! Who wouldn't love a dog with a good Welsh name like that? He's SO cute. My new dog is very agile and trainable too, and we've already taught her to jump through a hoop. Agility looks fun, but I think it would be pretty difficult to teach her to bend through those really narrow poles.

Catherine West said...

Apparently they get the hang of weaving pretty fast. From what I've seen, agility is all about the body commands you give the dog, so really it's YOU that needs to know what you're doing!! I'm actually a little nervous to try it but we'll see. Of course it would help if we started with "Come" and "Stay" ... once those are mastered I'll think about it!!

Betsy Ann said...

Soooo cute!!