Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Silent Blog hits again...
I've been avoiding posting because truthfully, I have nothing uplifting for you.
I'm three days out of another, yes, another, rejection. I'm not sure if anyone ever said it gets easier, but if they
did, they're wrong.
I should take my own advice, remember what I said not so long ago? "Accepting a rejection is an act of obedience..."
Yeah. Shoot me now.
Sigh. And isn't it always the way, when you're drowning in self-pity and choking with doubt, your friends are having
sale parties..two friends sold books this week. I'm happy for them, know?
Then I feel like a horrible person for feeling horrible.
And on it goes.
So that's my life at the moment.

On the upside, Noah is settling in so well and we're all having a good time with him, even Allie has decided that
he's here to stay. She won't bounce around and play with him the way he'd like her to, but there has been a teensy bit
of tail wagging going on lately. She is a great old dog and I'm releived she's come around so quickly. I think eventually she'll even enjoy him!! He loves being with her. At the moment they are both laying on the carpet by the front door. Of course my camera is all the way downstairs and if I move to get it, one or probably both will follow me.

Hope all is well with your lives wherever you are.
Sorry for the depression. I'll get over it.


Valerie Comer said...

You're ahead of me--I'm still garnering agent rejections. I don't imagine it does get easier, no matter how high the stack gets. I wonder sometimes why I do this's because God has given me stories to tell. The audience is up to him, actually. (Easy to say today, but not every day!)

My most-used critters are non-Christians, and we've had some awesome discussions after novel crits. That might be the audience God means for me right there. I don't know. I'll keep trying, though, seems I should.


Richard Mabry said...

I'm late getting to your post because Kay and I have been on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, where cell phone service was spotty and internet access essentially nonexistent.
I sympathize with you. But it's true--every author gets rejected. I just counted up forty on my novels. Add my non-fiction work (now published) and it's worse. Even editors who write get rejected. Check out Nick Harrison's blog--go to and click on the blog tab-- Go back two or three posts and see how disappointed he was at having a project rejected. Matter of fact, it's appropriate that the last post on Charis connection ( was Nick, posting about his disappointment at being rejected.
Hang in there. I'm praying for you. And we both know you have a great agent in there pitching for you.