Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing?

My son is playing King Duncan in an up-coming school play, Macbeth, so I'm in a Shakespeare kind of mood, but this post isn't about Shakespeare. I just watched Twilight.
What's the big deal?
I remember when this movie came out last summer and there was such a fuss, oh we shouldn't watch it, shouldn't let our sweet Christian daughters watch it...really? Am I missing something?
I let my son watch it when it came out and he just said it was dumb (15), so I figured no harm done there.
To be honest, I thought it was good. I enjoyed it.
I don't really know what the big deal was. Vampires...like do we really believe there is a secret underworld of Vampires that we might be ticking off by making a movie about or what?
No language, no sex, a bit gory toward the end, but hey, all in all a pretty entertaining movie and a good plot. I wasn't bored, didn't think it was stupid, apart from the fact that the vampire kid was a little creepy looking.
I have to wonder if there is not a certain group of people that are just not happy unless they're pointing fingers at something and calling it 'evil'.
If they want to deal with the 'spirit' world, perhaps they should start with 'religious spirit'. Get rid of that one first, folks.
End of rant.
That is all.


Cindy said...

How funny! I agree with your post. I don't see what the big deal is. It was sort of like the whole Harry Potter thing. Okay, I can see if people are going around acting like they're wizards and vampires--then they may be taking those stories a little too seriously. But as far as entertainment value...they both had plenty. And people read those gory mystery and crime novels with horrible language and sex and still think Twilight and Harry Potter are worse. I say it's just what kind of influence it has on you. If you're impressionable and can't seem to sort fact from fiction then you'd better just stay away from everything ;-)

Catherine West said...

Exactly! Ah well, I guess to each his own, but I like to see things for myself and then form my opinion. Usually when there is a big fuss about something, unless it's really justified (there are some subjects I won't watch), then I figure I'm probably going to like it!

T. Anne said...

I hear about the wicked ways of both all the time myself. I guess the bad part would be if kids got sucked into the occult by them. I read the Twilight series, I'm pretty sure I won't be running around looking for a gang of vampires to covert with but then again I'm not twelve. There are a lot more movies and books to be concerned over than Twilight and Harry. I suppose it's up to the parents discretion. Not like my parents could have ever really stopped me from reading a book. ;)

Nat said...

Oh lol...I thought it was just a British thing...never happy without something to complain about or be outraged at! haha

christa said...

I read all of the Twilight books. Loved the stories.