Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You Are Being Watched...

I don't mean that in a Big Brother creep me out kind of way...well, maybe I do.
Let's see if I can explain.
Do you ever Google yourself? Do you have a website that's authentic to you and what you do for a living? How 'bout a blog that exposes your innermost feelings to the world? Do you have a Facebook account? MySpace? Twitter?
Are you in the process of networking, trying to connect with authors like yourself in the hopes that one day, as you hone your craft and improve and climb the ladder to publication, you will reach the top already 'known' somewhat in the industry?
If you answer yes to any of those question, you are being watched.
It's something many of us forget as we go along with our lives, posting this, sending out this reply, sometimes without much thought.
Whatever you send out into cyberspace can never be taken back.
Did you know that? Oh, I'm sure you're all smart and computer savvy and of course you know it.
But do you remember it?
I admit over the past few years I've had more than one of those cringe moments where I've hit the 'send' button too soon. Maybe I responded in anger. Maybe I was tired, not thinking clearly. Maybe if I'd waited a day, slept on it, really thought and prayed over my response, maybe...
Know what I mean? Being known as that writer who sends out those smart-@(&# responses all the time probably doesn't bode well for any future career in publishing. Unless of course you happen to find an agent or publisher who enjoys your over-the-top sarcasm.
I'm not saying I'm one of those people, (of course I'm not!) but I have caught myself on more than one occasion busting out with something I probably shouldn't have said, or written for that matter.
And I can't take it back.
I do enjoy a good dose of sarcasm. What can I say, it's in my nature. People can look at me blindly and shake their heads I suppose, other people get me and know exactly how I meant what I just said. But I'm learning that sometimes I need to tone it down.
I'm being watched, you see.
Now I'm not saying I'm malicious. I would never use sarcasm to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. But that can happen anyway, despite my best intentions.
Publishing, like all industries I suppose, can get very small, very fast.
I've seen this happen. Christian or no, one wrong move and you're pretty much done for.
Which brings me to the whole "I'm a Christian" thing.
The past year and a bit have been very, very difficult. I've seen "Christian" people do things that just aren't right. But it's 'okay' because really, they're not robbing you blind or cheating you or lying to your face and sitting in church on Sunday...it must be your imagination, because a Christian just wouldn't behave that way.
Oh yeah?
Sad, isn't it?
If you're going to indulge in bad behavior, do me a favor and leave God out of it.
Everything we've been through, as unpleasant as it is, I think has taught me an important lesson.
People place enormous value on what you say you are.
Do you get that?
If you say you're a writer, write. Finish your short story, your novel, whatever, just do it.
If you're a mother, be one. That's another blog.
I could go on here, but you can fill in the blanks. Ultimately, my opinion is only worth what you're paying for it, so take it or leave it, but please do one thing above all else - if you are a follower of Christ, read the manual. It's a pretty good Book. Very helpful.
And always remember, you are being watched.


Cindy said...

Well said!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Excellent post, Cathy. This subject has been very close to my heart for the last few months. 'Read the manual' says it all, for everyone.

Nanelyn said...

Excellent Cathy. Thanks for sharing this.

Nat said...

Oh yes...I am SO with you on this!!

Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted to meet you! Just found your blog via a friend. Just started this blog adventure myself, but delighted to meet so many amazing women after God's heart. Thanks for sharing with me today, I was splashed by His goodness over here.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn