Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Inspires You?

Hey. Did you ever notice how creative people tend to gravitate toward one another?
It like something sparks in the brain, "Must get to know that person. Now."
I've always been one of those creative types, probably didn't realize it until it was too late.
The pictures of me at age two holding a paint brush bigger than myself, smushing red and blue glops onto paper attached to an easel might have been a clue. The fact that I could read to myself by age three, (according to Momlore at least) and by age five had read most of the books in the Kindergarten library could have been another.
I was a daydreamer, always lost in thought someplace far from the confines of the school I hated.
Still pretty much lost in thought but now I have a valid excuse.
I'm a writer.
Creative type. Yep.
Funny thing is, I married a Science Guy. All facts and figures for him. But it works. I guess we sort of balance each other out, although I dare say I tip the scale on most issues, but he loves me anyway.
So as I've...ahem...matured, shall we say, and embraced the creativity inside of me with continuous attempts to write books and revise manuscripts and hold onto my sanity all at the same time, I've realized something.
I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't know other crazy people.
Yes, shocking at it is, there are others out there following their own dreams.
They inspire me.
Jenness Walker, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Betsy St. Amant were all in a critique group with me once upon a time. They're all published authors now. They give me hope. They make me smile. I'm rejoicing with them and encouraging them in the journey. Ask any of them and I'm sure they'd be the first to tell you they never expected this, success, as it were. Yet we all strive toward the same goal.
To be heard.
Writers, artists and musicians - where would the world be without the dreamers? I'm in awe of anyone who can sit down at the keys or pick up a guitar and come up with something amazing. I've listened to my daughter sing songs she wrote when she was in Africa. Awesome stuff. Truly touched by God. My son can play for hours and I don't get tired. They inspire me to write, not because of what may come from it, but because I love it.

I have a good friend Paulette. She inspires me too.
She has just released her first CD! Paulette and I first met in Bermuda when she came to our church and later, to our house, sat at the piano and began to play and sing. My dear friend Sandy, so much like Paulette in a lot of ways, (but not as hyper) had just left the island and I was so sad. We had that connection, you know, the one I talked about at the beginning? When it just clicks? As I spent more time with Paulette and got to know her, I came to realize God had put her in my life at that time, not as a replacement for what I'd had with Sandy, but a sort of continuation. She was full of love for life, crazy about Jesus and all about creativity. She has encouraged me so much with my writing, and I'm thrilled to see her dreams coming true.
Take a look at her website, you can listen to her music there too.
And to the rest of us, don't give up on your dream.
Inspire me.

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