Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missing Out...

Normally at this time of year, I'd be getting ready to head away to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I have done this three years in a row now.
This year I am staying home.
Various reasons drew me to this tough decision, and as the excitement mounts among my friends who are attending, I admit to be a wee bit sad. Okay, even annoyed. However, I think I'm doing the right thing by staying home. I know that attending a conference is pretty important for a writer, and it would have been great to go meet with some editors, hang out with my agent again, and catch up with old friends. Donald Maas is teaching and Debbie Macomber is the keynote speaker. What a year to miss, huh?!
But I'm trusting that this is the right thing for me at this time in my life.
Things have been just uber nuts for us this past year. We're still grappling with some stuff, and just when you take a moment to relax, another tidal wave rolls in, or so it seems.
So taking a few days for myself is just not a good idea right now. I know that.
But I still feel like I'm missing out, and I guess there isn't anything I can do about that.
So what do you do when you feel like you're missing something important? How do you look on the bright side and relax in the knowledge that the decision you made is the right one?
I'm terrible for second guessing myself. And I don't trust my own decisions. Guess that's why I really need God!
Anyway, all that to say boo hoo and cry in my soup a bit. I'll be thinking of all of you who will be at the conference. Please pop me an email if you get a chance to let me know how things are going, and take lots of pictures!!
I'll see you next year!


Anne L.B. said...


But be at peace. Trust that if God's plan had been for you to be there He'd have gotten you there.

Trust also that every step on this road has His hand upon it, look to Him for every decision, and leave those things outside your control in His hands.

Cindy said...

I know how you feel. I was very intrigued by the conference this year. Not only because I recently joined ACFW or because I actually have blogging friends I'd love to meet there--but also because it's in Denver, where I live. I would have been perfect. But...I strongly felt this wasn't the time. Very sad. I DO kind of feel like I'm missing out. But at the same time, I'm happy I can trust the way I'm being led and look forward to being able to go another year. It will give me more time to prepare and feel strong and sure about my decision.

Jody Hedlund said...

Hi again, Cath!

I think we all have to know when it's our time to be there! I wasn't sure if I would go this year either. But then when I finaled in the Genesis, I began to sense that maybe it was time to get "out there."

Will miss having the chance to meet you, but I'm glad we can connect like this in cyberspace!