Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Road is Long...

With many a winding turn...
I've always loved that song. Not only because it's a cool song and I like the old stuff, but because of what it means.
Would you carry your brother or sister?
Maybe you've been carried. I know I have. I don't know that I've carried anybody else through a tough time, but I'd like to think so.
There's something amazing to me about the complexity of human relationships. I always jokingly say I'm not a people person and I could live quite happily alone on a deserted island, but I think I'd probably go nuts without my friends. I need to know they're there, even if we don't see each other every day. Even if I'm avoiding the world because I just don't want to deal with it, or I'm in the middle of a manuscript and don't dare come up for air, sooner or later somebody will come over and drag me out of my cave.
Then there are those friends who stand with me in my writing journey. I'm so grateful for each one of them, the mentors, the cheerleaders, even the ones who tear my writing to shreds, in the nicest possible way.
Over the past week I wrote about the difficulty of getting stories with foreign settings published.
I feel so passionate about it that I know I've been called to go down that road. The long, winding road.
That leads us to who knows where.
Okay, I'll stop singing.
It's exciting though, because I'm not alone. I have friends, some of whom I have yet to meet, that are willing to go along for the ride. I think it's safe to say that the birth of International Fiction has arrived.
We're tossing various ideas around, one of them being the creation of a blog where we can promote our new genre and get feedback from the folks that matter - you, the reader.
I'll post more on that when it happens. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to write that novel set in Bermuda.
But for now, share my excitement at the prospect of what is to come, pray for us as we venture into unknown territory, and stay tuned for news!
Let me know your thoughts. What do you think when you hear 'International Fiction' ?


Tamika: said...

I can feel your passion! What an opportunity to delve into a new genre for the beginning.

Until you mentioned International Fiction I had no idea such a thing was plausible. I should know by now that God is always doing a new thing through his people.

I will stay tuned for more!
Blessings to you...

Jody Hedlund said...

Wow! Sounds exciting! You'll have to keep us posted! I'm apart of a group of historical writers that help promote European historical fiction and it's been great to have a group of like-minded writers who can give the ins and outs of the market and which publishers are taking on which projects. We primarily communicate through a yahoo loop and the support has been incredible.

Grace Bridges said...

I have always called my genre International Sci-Fi :) so count me in for sure if the sci-fi part isn't too far out of the scope!