Wednesday, April 14, 2010


How do you keep up with blogging when you feel you have nothing to say?
I'm not organized enough to make a list of when I'm going to blog and what I'll blog about.
For me, that takes away the fun of it and it becomes a chore.
I started blogging because I thought it was fun. So when there are long lapses of silence on my blog, it usually means I'm in quiet mode.
Been there a lot lately.
Not sure if its because of this particular time in my life, you know, that whole mid-life thing...
I find it easy to get down in the dumps and stay there, and then all of a sudden I feel better.
Of course with strange moods comes the challenge of trying to stay positive, especially with my writing. Some days I'd rather cruise Facebook than write one word. Other days are better, and the ideas flow along with the words.
Today I just feel tired.
So I think I'm going to take my itouch outside and just read.

I've been thinking a lot lately about honesty. I don't think there is enough of it in the world.
Every now and then I'll post something here or on the ACFW loop, and I'm always surprised when people thank me for being honest or transparent.
What, I'm supposed to lie? Yeah, everything is fine, I'm perfectly at peace, writing 4000 words a day and have several contracts in the works and oh shoot, Oprah's calling, gotta go...
Once upon a time I fought against transparency. I pasted on a smile and battened down the hatches around my heart. I was loathe to let people get too close. I knew if they found the real me, they wouldn't stick around for long.
So done with that.
The lessons I have learned, many the hard way, make me a better writer. I know they make me a better person.
The friends that know me and love me are the friends I can be honest with.
These days I'm pretty much an open book with most people. I'll be honest with you if you'll do the same for me.
So now that I've told you how I'm doing, what about you?
Feeling blah? Or are things going great for you in your world?
Tell me about it, but be honest!


love.everyday said...

I'm exhausted, and tired of school. Yet at the same time my heart could not be more excited for Romania and all that God has in store for me as a leader as well as the high school kids attending. You're an inspiration momma, I love reading your blog.

Just remember sometimes too much honesty can turn into sarcasm... hahaha

Jamie D. said...

Honestly? I'm kind of "mediocre" today...not good, not bad...just "here". ;-)

I went through a mental "shift" about my blog a little over a year ago. It's not just for me anymore. And that's how I can make a list, pick topics in advance, etc. Because I'm not just blogging for me, I'm blogging for the people who read. That makes it "sort of" work and "sort of" play in my eyes...

I'm all for transparency too...I'm an open book most of the time. It seems like things can only be held against you if you try to keep them secret. So I just don't. So much less stress.

I hope you enjoy reading outside, and that it restores your spirit. Reading has a way of picking me up when nothing else can. :-)

Georgiana said...

The day is young, so we shall see how it all plays out. I have confidence things will go well. Your honesty is quite refreshing, and I do hope you find splashes of joy in your day and in your writing!

Empty Refrigerator said...

My blog goes dark a lot too. I wish I was the kind of person that could have a list of blog topics etc, but I've tried it and for some reason it doesn't work. I'll get excited about a topic, jot it down, and then later when I return to actually write the post, the idea seems dim and flat.

It looks like you're in the patience game now, right? (Have agent but waiting for pub). That must be hard sometimes. Good luck with the waiting.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I could have written this post! Wait, I think I have sometime in the past:) I love love honest people even if it means they are having a bad day or hate the world around them for a minute or two.
Honestly, I'm dying here waiting to hear anything--good or bad --about some fulls I have out. I check the phone, hold my breath when I check my emails and about drive myself nuts with hope.

Yeah, I need a reality check:)