Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summer Daze...

I'm very discombobulated this summer. Love that word.
You see, usually my summer consists of packing up, dog and all, and spending six weeks or so at our place in the Canadian wilderness, otherwise known as The Muskokas, a beautiful area of Northern Ontario.
There, I sit on the dock, do a lot of writing, reading and walking. Take the occasional kayak across the lake. Play tennis. Visit with friends and family. It's an awesome place to be, and hubby and I love it.
This year however, we took the kids to St.Barth's for two weeks. And now I'm home, feeling like summer is already half over because I've had my vacation. But we're still heading up to Canada in a few weeks time. I imagine I'll be even more turned around by then!
But it won't end there. We'll come back home and proceed to pack up our son and take him up to Boston for his first semester at Berklee. After which, hubby and I will be officially empty-nesters.
And then I'm turning around and heading to St.Louis for the annual American Christian Fiction Writers Conference.
Is anyone else tired?!

So I don't have my normal routine going on this year. I have to somehow figure out how to navigate all this traveling back and forth, edit two manuscripts and get a synopsis and proposal done that I've been putting off for way too long already. In short, I don't deal well with change. This is throwing me off. But I'll survive. And hopefully I'll get the work done too!

What are your summer plans? Do you do the same thing each year or do you like to change it up?


Carol J. Garvin said...

We have a small cabin on a lake in BC's Cariboo country and try to spend a couple weeks there each summer. We also have a trailer and like to get away in it. But like waiting for Christmas, I wait eagerly for summertime... only to have it pass much too quickly. It's already July, for goodness' sake, and I haven't finished my spring gardening yet!

Years ago we use to spend my husband's full month of vacation at a seaside cottage and I reminisce about the restfulness of those days. I think my mistake now is planning to fill summertime with all the things I don't have time for during the rest of the year, and that makes the days disappear in a blur. We live rurally and I think this summer some of my most rest-filled days are going to be on my own back deck.

Catherine West said...

Sounds lovely, Carol! I look out at the ocean every day, yet I really look forward to our time in Canada on the lake. Sometimes a change in scenery does make all the difference!

Misha said...

Sounds like you will be very busy, but on the other hand, the change might be good for you as well.You'll never know until you've been through it.