Monday, May 28, 2007


In light of the feedback I've gotten through the Genesis contest, and other sources, I'm deep into revisions on Yesterday's Tomorrow. I'm also still way over my desired word count for this manuscript, so I'm hoping the pruning will help.
Here's what I've learned about myself through this process.

I'm too sensitive.
I take myself too seriously.
I don't like change.
I automatically connect criticism with rejection.


There's more, but that's painful enough.

I know I need to develop a thick skin to be a writer. I've been told this since day one, and it's been years.
What do they want - bullet proof armor? I'm all out. Anyone know where I can get another suit?

The thing I keep telling myself, over and over again, just 'cause I'm a little slow, is that this all for IMPROVEMENT.
I have a calling, and yes, I do believe that, or I wouldn't be doing it - and I need to be sure the work I'm putting out there is the best it can be.
If it isn't, I'm not going to make it.

The sad fact is, many, many writers never get published.
I'm determined not to be one of them.

So, if God wills, I continue, I prune, wince and shudder with each change made. Yet when it's done, I know it will all be worth it.

Yet another day in the life of a writer.
Pass the cappuccino.

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Rachelle said...

Cathy, I've responded to your email but I see you still haven't received it. It's so frustrating! I'm going to check with my webmaster and see if he has any ideas (sometimes he helps because my email goes through my website). I'm sorry!

Now, on to your post. I know your pain, and I know it's not easy! Seriously, if I knew where to get that bullet-proof armor, I'd be the first in line. (And I'd buy dozens of them, and give them to all the authors I edit.) I'm in a funny position because as an editor, I'm usually the one inflicting the pain. But I write, too, and my editors are just as hard on me as I am on my writers. The criticism stings. When I get editorial notes that point out a LOT of changes that need to be made, I break out in a cold sweat and get that rock-in-my-stomach feeling. It doesn't really seem to change much with experience.

So I think you're right... we're ALL too sensitive. We take ourselves too seriously. We connect criticism with rejection. We need to develop a thick skin.

And yet we keep going back for more... so on top of it all, we must be masochists.

Keep up the great attitude, though. Yes, this is all for your growth. And you're following your calling and glorifying God, so you're doing the right thing. God bless you... and I will pray you get some leather-tough skin (not literally, though) in the future!