Friday, June 01, 2007

Walking Down Memory Lane...

Sometimes things happen that pull you back into a long forgotten moment. Ever had that experience?
In browsing Facebook, yet another online community, I discovered a site dedicated to my old college. There were
even a few friends hanging out there that I was able to reconnect with. Then the pictures started coming...
Whew. Seeing yourself at eighteen or nineteen and suddenly realizing you don't look like that anymore, is to say the least, a shock to the system.
What is it with the memories of youth? Those days feel as though they were yesterday...yet here I sit, one child entering college, the other high school, and I realize I've aged.
How did that happen?
When did that happen?
I don't feel a bit older than I look in those photographs.
Oh, but I'm wiser.
Praise God, so much wiser.
And happier.

I love nostalgia. I admit to being a bit of a pack-rat. I keep everything until my husband starts chucking...
Finding that website prompted me to pull out old photo albums. My smile was wide as I flicked through them.
I'm happy to say that some of the friends I made at college are still part of my life today.
Reminiscing is good for the soul, but there's a lesson here. At least for me.

When I look at my pictures of that time in my life, I see an insecure young woman who attempted to fit in
and find her place by doing things she shouldn't have.
I see a lost soul, not really sure of her identity.
I see me, as I was before Jesus.

What a difference twenty odd (yes, is some ways they have been odd) years can make.
What a difference Jesus can make.
When I think of those early college days, especially as my daughter is about to enter university in the fall, I remember the good times, but I'm also saddened at some of the choices I made. I praise God that my daughter is entering that phase of her life as a much more confident young woman than I ever was. She's strong in her faith, and she knows how to say no.
When I think of where I could have ended up, I have to say thank you, Lord.
You protected me.
Provided for me.
And gave me a new life.

Memories are precious jewels.
Reminders of the past can sometimes sting, but the cause is good.
In order to move ahead, we need to remember how far we've come.
If we know where we've come from, we'll surely have a better understanding of where we're going.


Barbara said...

That was a post Cathy. No wonder you are a writer...

My college days too were before Jesus came into my heart - and our children too, are far more confident that I ever was at their age.

I am not sure I would want those days again - but it is a blessing to be able to remember.but like a precious jewel.. lovely to wear for a while, but probably safer kept safe in its box.

Erica said...

You're right, its such a good thing to look back.
Thanks for the reminder.