Sunday, July 01, 2007

Corruption, Politics...where do you stand?

We're watching some very interesting times unfolding here in Bermuda.
Sadly, up 'till now, I've stood by and watched our present powers-that-be pull my island
home down a steep and slippery slope, and we're heading toward the bottom at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Politics has never held my interest. I exercise my right to vote, but I'm ashamed to say I've never
really given much thought as to who I am voting for. Or why.

Unfortunately, politics here seems to always come down to black and white. It's wrong, but nobody seems to be coming up with any bright ideas as to how to fix the problem. There are many other issues as well that are in need of addressing.
For the first time, I'm starting to sit up and pay attention.

Perhaps it's due to the fact that my kids are both now teenagers, one approaching voting age.
Perhaps it's because I'm getting older myself, and want to be assured of a safe and economically stable place to live as we age. I want to know my children will have the same, should they choose to return here to live and work after university.
Or maybe, selfishly perhaps, it's because we're investing a truckload of money into the building of our new home, and I want to know we're not going to lose this investment should the present trend continue.

Above all, though, what it comes down to is this.
Some things are just wrong.
And eventually, you just have to take a stand. You've got to make your voice heard.
I may not speak loudly, or eloquently, but I do have an opinion. And I have the right to voice it.
And the comforting thing is, I'm not alone.

Wherever you are, whatever country you live in or claim as your own, don't sit by and let corrupt politicians pull the wool over your eyes. Stand up for what you believe in, whatever that may be.
Don't believe that one person's voice can't make a difference.
Yours might be the last one they hear.


Robin Johns Grant said...

Cathy, you're absolutely right about getting involved. I went through a period several years ago that I was so passionate and active. Now I seem so overwhelmed by life and so burned-out by the whole political process that I haven't even been keeping informed the way I should. But you're right. We all need to take notice and take a stand.

Cherlyn said...