Wednesday, July 04, 2007

If You Want A Lesson in Discipline...

Build A House!
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After many, many months of headaches, I'm please to report we're finally back on track with our new home.
I love the new plans, and can't wait to start building again!
We're at the stage now where there is SO much to be done, SO many decisions to make!!
It's exciting, but can be overwhelming. For example, yesterday I spent the entire day online looking at kitchen appliances and picking at least four or five example of fridges, stoves get quotes on. After a few hours my head began to spin and I was at the point of saying if it works, I'll take it.
Flooring, tile, windows, doors...lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!!

Yes, it's a circus. But it's exciting. Please continue to pray for us in this process.
And I'll leave the light on for you!


Vicki said...

Hi Cathy! Just thought I'd stop in to check on you--hadn't heard from you in awhile. God bless your summer and building!

Erica said...

Its lovely. It reminds me of a lighthouse tower.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful...and the reward of all the hard work is yet to come.......

C. H. Green said...

No wonder you haven't been around!