Friday, October 19, 2007

What Next?

No rest for the weary! Okay, maybe a wee bit of a rest.
But now, after I've submitted my COMPLETED manuscript - can you say WAHOOO?! off to it's various destinations, I'm pondering what to work on next. Of course I could sit here and go over and over Yesterday's Tomorrow and kill myself a million times
over as I catch things I should have caught on the fifth hundred edit, but what good would that do?
SO, no more looking until I get word. Good or bad. And yes, as always, I'm prepared for the bad. I'd love to have good, but you have to be prepared for both. But enough of that.
So what's next? Well, I'd really like to do a sequel to Yesterday's Tomorrow, which I'd like to title Days of Restoration. I won't give anything away here, but I feel there's another story in there that needs to be told. So maybe I'll mull that around for a while and see if I can at least get three chapters down, just incase anyone's interested in the first book, let alone the sequel!
I also have a book I started called Island Legacy - it's going to be a family saga set in...dundanna...Bermuda. Ha. That should be fun to write! And I also...yes, I know...have a light romance I need to finish. Kind of a Love Inspired type of book. Although my shorter ones always somehow turn into Tolstoy length novels...why is that?? Could it be that I don't know when to shut up???
Okay. Point taken.
Over and out and have a great weekend!! Oh, and tell me what to work on!


Missy Tippens said...

Cathy, thanks for stopping by the FAITH blog! I'm glad you got your submission sent out. Good for you for stepping out of the boat!! :)


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Island Legacy!!!!

You have a great beginning and I want to see more!

Let me know if you hear anything okay?