Saturday, April 19, 2008

When Seasons Change...


I am SO ready for summer!
I know some of you are still waiting for Spring. We sort of have spring here in Bermuda, but it's not as drastic a change
for us because we don't have snow and we can grow flowers all year round if we want to.
I've been lapse in that area this past year.
Books to write, fingernails to chew off... it's been busy.
However, now that I feel a little of all that stress lifting, I want to get out in the garden.
Some people are actually shocked when they learn I like to garden. I have no idea why, really.
But I do. You'd be amazed the things that float through my mind when I'm digging in the dirt.
Not only is it good exercise for the body, but my brain gets a workout too. By the time I head inside
again I'm ready to write a few more chapters.

Aren't we blessed to have a change in season? Think how awful it would be to have cold weather all year round.
Or hot. I love that God mixes it up for us. I suppose you can complain either way, but I choose to be thankful for the changes He brings.
I need to apply that to my life as well. When things change, for better or worse, I still need to thank Him. At least if things
are happening, we're not sitting stagnant, right? The busy seasons are times to hold on to Him, don't lose your focus.
Do what He has called you to do and do it to the best of your ability.
In times of rest, when not much seems to be happening, don't get frustrated. Rest.
I sometimes think we fill our lives with so many things that we don't allow ourselves to rest. So when things really start
to heat up, we're unprepared and burn out too easily.
I am in a change of season. My kids are growing older, one already in college. We're stepping onto shifting sand.
I'm entering into a new phase in my writing. If my book sells, hopefully this will be the start of a new career for me. Not so new
really, as I've been writing for years, but actually writing for a publisher is a whole different ball game.
I want to be prepared.
I am very thankful for the changing seasons in my life, even for the challenges.
Are you experiencing the change of season right now? Embrace it!
As they say, things can only get better!

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