Thursday, May 08, 2008

Reason #1 to Sell the Book!

I have more than one reason I want or would like to sell my book, but hey, I just found the best one!
If I sell my novel before this year's ACFW conference in September, I don't have to make any editor
appointments!! The reason being of course is that the publisher who buys my first novel will hopefully
want to buy my next...and they have that option.
Just the thought of no appointments makes me a very happy camper.
To be honest, that whole process makes me very uncomfortable. I am not a social butterfly by any means, nor
do I feel comfortable 'selling' myself and my work. I KNOW it's all part of the publishing business and I must
do these things in order to move ahead, but I find the entire thing very stressful.
For the last two years I've stammered and sweated my way through those ten minute appointments with editors
and agents. Thankfully I think my writing is better than my presentation and the outcome wasn't horrific.
Now that I have an agent that's one less appointment to worry about anyway.
And if I'm contracted by then I'll be breathing a sigh of relief!! I can network and make polite conversation, I'm not
a total social reject, but I am generally shy. I won't be the first to raise a hand in Q&A, and if I'm put on the spot I tend
to retreat. Maybe I need one of those life coach people to help me become more outgoing, I don't know.

Updates - Sarah is home!! YAY. There's something to be said for having all the family under one roof. But I can't repeat it, this
a G blog. Just kidding. I'd forgotten what those sibling altercations were like. I really can't believe my baby has finished her first
year of university. No, I don't feel old but thanks for asking.

House - We have a floor! The ground floor slab was poured yesterday. it's amazing. I have pictures. That's all I have to say or I'd be here all day.

Book - Submissions in process. i don't want to talk about it. At this point I do still have nails.

The weather is great.
That's it for now!

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